Fingle Wood

Reflection Shelter

Immerse yourself in the woodland, and learn the ancient art of charcoal making.

FIngle Wood, Dartmoor, UK. University of Plymouth

Reflection Shelter Plan. Image: James Axon


A seating space around the firepit that encourages reflection on the tasks accomplished throughout the day and an opportunity to regroup.

Glimpses through the forest are offered with planks arranged to centrically ‘zone’ activities whilst angling and limiting views, mimicking trunks of trees in a dense forest.

The project will facilitate wood cutting with class groups beginning their journey here: chopping some of the felled food for the charcoal fire in an environment that is controlled and safe yet allows freedom. Proceeding to charcoal burning; a link to one of the historical practices that used to occur in Fingle Woods, encouraging a sense of appreciation for the age of the woods and learning traditional methods.


Project Aims
Education, site history, outdoor learning

Fingle Wood

James Axon, Joel Baker-Smith, Rhiannon Flack, Bethany Long, Anna Longley, Lucas Voss

National Trust, Woodland Trust

April 2020

Technical Design (RIBA Stage 5)

Reflection Shelter Render. Image: James Axon
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