A Community at Work

Wildlife Warfare

placing collaboration and community cohesion at the heart of green spaces.

Group project at the University of Plymouth.


Stemming from the Future Parks Accelerator, our brief aimed to place collaboration and community cohesion at the heart of green spaces.

We sought to demonstrate how green rewilded corridors could become a reality through a series of seeding points placed in partnership with the stakeholders Pollenize, Great Western Railway and Devon Wildlife Trust – alligning with the Fab City Manifesto goals: Ecological and Participatory. Reaching from the local context of Devonport Park , this project allows the emergence of nature through the cracks of our urban fabric, seeking to unify people of all backgrounds. This project looks to a future in which we are all encouraged to join the polli[nation]. Through rewilding, our green spaces can be connected through a series of continuous corridors. Parks can spill out of their boundaries reappropriating the urban realm.


Project Aims
Community engagement and cohesion

Plymouth City Council

Pollenize, Devon Wildlife Trust, GWR

April 2021

Technical design (RIBA stage 4)

Render: seed bomb vending machine. Image: Lucas Voss

The Process

1. Plant the seeds

2. Permit re-wilding

3. Monitor growth

4. Encourage biodiversity

Pollenize: the vending machine

Seed bombs or seed refills can be collected from vending machines around the city, supported by Pollenize. A Plymouth-based charity who have developed science-backed rewilding seed packets that support all pollinators. Planting native wildflowers is simple yet effective way to boost local biodiversity, provide safe habitats for insects and promote healthy food webs. They also undertake vital research to combat pollinator/insect decline.

Campaign Poster: Devonport Park, Plymouth. Image: Eleanor Mott
Campaign Poster: Christ Church, Plymouth. Image: Eleanor Mott
Campaign Poster: Devonport Station, Plymouth. Image: Eleanor Mott
Render: Christ Church, Plymouth. Image: Eleanor Mott
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